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What is Surrogacy?

  • Today, married couples face some problems when it comes to raising children. A mother might suffer a lot of issues with her body which may stop the couple from having children.  Many infertile couples have no hope of having a child on their own.
  • Surrogacy comes as something of a blessing for them. Surrogacy is the process of using a third person to carry a couple’s baby if the original mother is unable to do so due to some reason or the other.
  • Surrogacy has become so popular due mainly to the growing infertility rates combined with an increasing number of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) population throughout the world.
  • Surrogacy is often considered the best and most secure choice for people who want to have babies when the original mother suffers many health problems that may get raised during the time of fertility or delivery or are physically unable to do so.
  • Sometimes even male problems like lower sperm count or quality can affect pregnancy. Surrogacy enables couples to have children who are not at any risk of health problems.

Who Becomes a Surrogate?

This work emphasizes the risks of surrogacy to both the intended couple and the recommended surrogate, we have several conditions that have to be fulfilled before we suggest this treatment. The surrogate must satisfy all of the criteria Must be:

  • Be at least 22 to 4o Years Age
  • Have a healthy reproductive history; having given birth to at least one child of her own
  • Her Body Mass Index(BMI) is between 18-32
  • No history of clinical mental illness
  • If the surrogate mother is married, then the surrogate must have her partner’s support.

Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF clinic

Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF provides is the most affordable and low-cost packages for transparent surrogacy. We offer to fix the surrogacy cost package after the examination of a couple. Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF delivers many successful surrogacy solutions to many national and international patients.

We present the highest result of the Surrogacy procedure. However, Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF is the best surrogacy clinic helps most childless families medically as well as economically so they can fulfill their promises.