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Gynecologist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Maluk shah is a Gynecologist medical doctor who specializes in the female genital territory and overall health status of women in Ahmedabad. Gynecologist Dr. Maulik Shah examines and treats all disorders related to the fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, cervix, and womb in Ahmedabad. Gynecologist Dr. Maulik Shah who is certified to deliver babies is called an obstetrician. He is also the surprise surgeon a woman will need when giving birth. Visit a Gynecologist Dr.Maulik Shah only if your pregnancy is a myth; it is imperative to recognize that Gynecological related problems are not controlled only by pregnancy.

Vaginal birth after cesarean section Vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery Amniocentesis for maturity Vaginal hysterectomy expertise Special interest in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of cervical disease

Good bedside manner Excellent listener Empathetic and courteous Honest medical professional High ethical standards Collaborative

When Should You Consult a Gynaecologist Dr. Maulk Shah ?

  • Your periods are irregular
  • Your periods are recurrent within 21 days of period
  • If your periods last more than 7 days
  • If you have deep periods
  • If you miss a period
  • If you have symptoms of Pregnancy
  • Vaginal itching
  • Bleeding in urine
  • Pain and very strong burning consciousness while urinating

Why Dr. Maulk Shah is Perfect Gynecologist doctor ?

  • First of all, he should be an important person with whom a woman feels comfortable.
  • The gynecologist must have a good reputation because they are doctors who will know the most intimate and personal aspects of a women’s life.
  • Ideally, appear for a Gynaecologist, who is also an Obstetrician if you are planning a baby.
  • Only friendly, helpful, and responsive gynecologists make their patients feel comfortable. They should be ready to answer all your questions correctly and accurately. So it is very important to develop a comfort factor with your gynecologist. An honest gynecologist will put your happiness and health earlier than anything else.
  • Well, it is important that doctors are presented when you need them. They should be ready to pick up emergency calls and be responsible for getting back to you in case they are busy.
  • If you are uncomfortable meeting a male gynecologist, always seek a female doctor. A male gynecologist can make you feel a little uncomfortable unless they have a female assistant.
  • Remember that Gynecologists will be a part of your life in the most significant stages and therefore it is important to choose the right one.

Providing is a full range of gynecology services from preventive care to family planning to diagnosis and surgical treatment with Dr. Maulik J. Shah.

For information on any the gynecological related problems and procedures consult Dr. Maulik J. Shah.