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Second Opinion IVF

The idea of a second opinion IVF is quite important when you have already undergone failed cycles. As you have lots of general doubts, queries, or concerns regarding your current fertility care.

At Dr. Maulik J. Shah, we encourage second opinions and strive to provide you a better understanding of your treatment options and to make a real difference in your future success. If you have consulted with other IVF doctor and got IVF fail then not to get worry our many years experienced IVF team will provide you the Second Opinion Program with the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice. We offer everything from simple non-invasive treatment options to more advanced fertility treatments. We discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as the most affordable options available.

What Dr. Maulik J. Shah Second Opinion Program offers:

Proper Advice with Quick Response

We understand that take an appointment with an IVF specialist is not always an easy task when considering a second opinion. We are always here ready to listen you so don’t hesitate to contact our team and feel free to ask any query.

Suggest Limited Tests and Diagnosis Procedure:

Dr. Maulik J. Shah offers a streamlined process for all patients who seeking a second opinion. At here you are not suggested the repeat tests which you have already completed which can save your time and money. Our mission is achieving your fertility goals with the cost effective IVF treatment.

Good Team Approach

Our entire IVF team with medical staff regularly meets the patient to discuss and make suggestions for all difficult infertility cases.

IVF treatment with High Success Rate

We also advice the advanced technologies to improve fertility success rates. We performed much infertility treatment with high success rate

So don’t get hesitate to contact us. The final recommendation can only be made based on a face to face consultation.

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Advanced Infertility : IVF – Surrogacy Center

Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?