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Fertility Treatments

Are you searching for fertility clinic ? Are you a hopeless couple? If you’re struggling for conceiving and want to undergo fertility treatment so, it is crucial to understand what infertility is and what treatment options are available for you. However, the protocols and treatment are similar in every fertility center, Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF is one fertility hospitals with a higher success rate.

Fertility treatment involves various treatment options, depending on the infertility reasons. It is important to know about everything before visiting the clinic and how it would help you.

What Is Fertility?

Fertility typically refers to a woman, who gets pregnant and delivers a baby. The female reproductive system allows women to conceive. This includes ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina. Fertility depends on several factors such as the releasing of eggs, a healthy womb, and the secretion of hormones. A woman needs sperm from men for fertilization.

The pituitary gland is present in the brain and plays a vital role in fertility and controls the entire process. The fertilized egg matures into an embryo that continues to the womb itself and produces a baby.

A female is born with large numbers and quality of eggs, as you grow with age quality of eggs decreases and the chances of infertility occurs and you have to suffer from menopause. Fertility also depends on other aspects as well such as nutrition, environmental concern, medical history, lifestyle, and emotions.

Advanced Infertility : IVF – Surrogacy Center

Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?

What Are The Treatments of Fertility Treatment?

We should thank modern technologies, which made it possible for every childless couple to conceive a baby. The treatment options generally depend on your infertility causes. Sometimes either male or female needs treatment or both partners may undergo treatments.

Fertility can be treated with several medications that help with hormones and ovulation, but in some cases, the situation is critical and need to perform surgery.

In men, fertility treatment associated with the following:

  • Surgery is advisable when impasse in the vas deferens, that carry sperm.
  • Antibiotics can treat if infection present in the reproductive system.
  • Few medications used to treat sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and erectile disorder.
  • If problems are associated with hormones, hormones treatment can be effective.

Infertility Treatments

  • IVF Treatment
  • ICSI Treatment
  • IUI Treatment
  • IMSI Treatment
  • Semen Freezing
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Donor Programmes
  • Fertility Preservation

In Women, Infertility Can Be Treated As:

  • Fertility medications are used to restore ovulation and levels of hormones.
  • Surgery, if the blockage is in fallopian tubes.

What Is The Process Of Infertility Treatments?

Infertility treatment performs to male or female or else the combination of both. The treatments vary among women to achieve a successful pregnancy. The two common treatments for infertility are In Vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination.

IUI (Intrauterine insemination)

Intrauterine insemination is a common and simple fertility treatment. The sperm is collected from male and place it into a woman’s womb while ovulating. This process reduces the time for fertilization as compares to the natural process.

Before taking IUI, the doctor advises you to take a few medicines, which help to stimulate ovulation. Sperm is collected from the male partner and it goes under the washing process to make it healthier. After that, the IVF doctor puts washed sperm into the female’s womb, fertilization occurs. It increases your chances to get pregnant.

IVF (In Vitro fertilization)

In Vitro fertilization is a popular and trusted fertility treatment. This infertility treatment works with the combination of medicines and treatment process. Your IVF doctor advises you to take Medicine first to mature your eggs to get them ready for fertilization. After that, the IVF doctor takes eggs and mix them with sperm and place in labs under special chemicals. In 3-5 days, eggs grow and then placed into female’s womb.

GIFT (Gamete intrafallopian transfer) & ZIFT (Zygote intrafallopian transfer)

Gamete intrafallopian transfer is yet another treatment. In this, sperm and eggs are collected and placed into the fallopian tube. In ZIFT (Zygote intrafallopian transfer) is parallel to GIFT and IVF. In this eggs are fertilized in labs and places into fallopian tubes.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a form of IVF. This primary used for treating male infertility. In ICSI, the one mature sperm directly injected into the egg.

Donor Eggs or Sperms

In IVF, eggs are removed from the donor’s woman and fertilized in the lab. Resulting, the embryo is placed to the patient’s womb. Sperm can be used either the patient’s partner or a donor to fertilize the eggs.

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is a lab procedure that sometimes performs with IVF treatment. Assisted hatching can perform in different ways. One way involves, tyrode’s solution is used to thaw a small hole in the zona pellucida. Another way includes the use of a laser to pop the shell.

Advanced Infertility : IVF – Surrogacy Center

Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?

Why Dr. Maulik J. Shah as Fertility Doctor ?

Dr. Maulik J. Shah is fertility Doctors leading worldwide with extreme success rates and low-cost treatments. We have a team of IVF experts who are always there for your help in your infertility journey. We appreciate our client’s efforts and understand their requirements. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Our caring medical staff and experienced IVF doctor team are always ready to support your parental dream and give 100% to accomplish it.

Uses Advanced Lab Equipment

Our IVF & IUI treatments are completed with advanced technology and lab equipment. Moreover, Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF has skilled medical staff, certified and experienced IVF doctors, and modern fertility technologies.

We Understand Our Patients

We understand the requirement of our patient especially when it comes to female infertility case. Women prefer to take consultation with a female gynaecologist so that they get details comfortably. We anticipate your needs and allow you to take your services with ease. Our female IVF doctors will guide you patiently throughout the whole process.

Give comprehensive care

In our clinic, you will get comprehensive care that you never get from other hospitals. We deal with our client, not just for the sake of money. We are here to give them happiness with gentle care.

Cost-Effective Fertility Treatment

As the desired couple, you are ready to pay everything of yours. What if you have no enough money in your pockets to fulfill your parental dreams? Most of the people believed that fertility treatment charges are higher in private hospitals rather public. Don’t worry! You are here and we will assist you in every step.

Keep Confidentially and Privacy of Treatments

We respect your privacy and keep your records and secrets. We keep privacy during examination, procedure, and treatment.

Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF is well-known for its high IVF success rates. We provide comprehensive infertility treatment and fertility tests to understand the complete infertility problem of the patient and guide them accordingly.

The primary factors that influence the cost of IVF treatment are age, infertility causes, ovary functions, low sperm motility, and more. When it comes to low-cost IVF treatment with a higher success rate, you need to look for a fertility specialist.

Advantages of Fertility Treatment

Every year, India receives thousands of medical visitors for fertility treatment. As per the statistics, the success rate of India is about 43% of women under the age of 25, 27% of women aged between 30-38 years, and 12%-18% women aged above 41 years.

Moreover, the cost of IVF treatment is much cheaper than other countries, which influence both domestic and international patients to India.

Advanced Infertility : IVF – Surrogacy Center

Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?

Fertility Treatment FAQ’s

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