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Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility refers to the lack of capability of men to fertilize the female’s egg. In over one-third of cases, men are responsible for not conceiving. If you find yourself in this same, before undertaking male infertility treatment, you have to know about the basics and major details related to male infertility. Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF is for both male and female infertility with a more than 70% success rate.

Male infertility is a man’s insufficiency to produce enough sperm count to fertilize the female’s egg while ovulation. About 50% of male infertility causes are effectively treated and cured to restore men’s ability to generate mature sperm for fertilization. Anyone who is diagnosed with such concern has so many quires in their mind as is it safe or am I cured? Success stories of infertility treatment, and many more. For further details on how it can be treated and what surgical procedure you need, must speak with Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF Fertility Clinic.

Infertility Treatments

  • IVF Treatment
  • ICSI Treatment
  • IUI Treatment
  • IMSI Treatment
  • Semen Freezing
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Donor Programmes
  • Fertility Preservation

What is Male infertility?

Male infertility refers to when men are not capable to generate mature sperms, which can easily fertilize female’s eggs. In other words, infertility is insufficiency when both partners trying for one year with no protection, consistent sexual intercourse, and no contraceptive pills. About 40% of men found infertile in cases.
However, for male infertility age, low sperm count, sexual dysfunction, and low hormones level are also some causes diagnosed in men for infertility. The men body produce tiny sperm, during ejaculation which enters into female body and fertilization happens. The men reproductive system store and release the sperm.
During intercourse, the sperm mix with prostate and seminal vesicles, this produces semen. This goes out from the urethra and out of the penis, then it enters into the female vagina to fallopian tubes, hence fertilization occurs. This system only works, if produced semen is strong enough to conceive.
To analyze male infertility treatment, speak with our IVF expert’s doctors before getting started.

Causes of Male infertility

Traveling of sperm, producing mature sperm, hormones issues male infertility causes depends on many. The primary causes related to sperms are:

  • Swollen veins in the testicles which referred to varicoceles (which further create problem in sperm generation)
  • Structure or dimension of sperm.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Lack of testosterone (sex) hormone.
  • Vasectomy
  • Spinal cord wounds or other physical damage.
  • Symptoms of cancer

Symptoms of Male infertility

Male infertility is keeping the penis erect while having sex, it is one of the strong signs you’re infertile. No secretion of semen is yet another male infertility symptom, whereas genetic disorders and chromosomal are also some issues connected with types of male infertility.
To find out the actual reason for male infertility in you, Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF is here for your help.

Fertility test for Men

Male infertility test diagnoses by IVF doctors in Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF, which involves:

  • General examination of checking out your medical history and current issues to better understand the cause of infertility.
  • Finding out issues related to sperm quantity and quality, the volume of sperm, and motility.
  • Antibodies and checking of hormones level (including sex and other).
  • Ultrasounds to diagnose reproductive organ health and checking out of abnormalities.
  • Biopsies to check out infection or contamination.
  • Special tests are performed to check out how sperm survive, ejaculate and more.

Treatments for Male Infertility at Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF

The treatment of male infertility varies individually. This depends on causes related to sperm quality, structure, and many others. At Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF, the male infertility doctor diagnoses the men’s condition and prescribed one of the following treatments:

The treatment of male infertility varies individually. This depends on causes related to sperm quality, structure, and many others. At Dr. Maulik J. Shah IVF, the male infertility doctor diagnoses the men’s condition and prescribed one of the following treatments:

  • Complete fertility and lifestyle improvements will change the health of men as sperm count, bad eating habits, and most of which influence infertility in men.
  • IUI ( Intrauterine Insemination) treatment, which is often known as low sperm count treatment, perform by an IVF doctor to increase the sperm quality under the washing process in special labs, which are then put directly into the female uterus for the conceiving.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a trusted lab process that includes taking one mature sperm from semen and mixing it with eggs to produce an embryo, which is further put into a women’s womb for fertilization.
  • Sperm Retrieval is used when men are unable to ejaculate. The small and thin needle is used for the extraction of semen.
  • Donation of sperm is a common practice for fertilization these days.
  • Hormone therapy and medications are used to influence sperm quality.

If you are dealing with male infertility, it is high time now to speak with our IVF doctors’ who will guide right for you.

Male Infertility Treatment FAQ’s

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